GALA セッション(2週間以内にお届け)



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GALA セッション」とは、伴奏に合わせて振った音を重ねられるモードがついたモデルです。「GALA スタンダード」の機能はそのままに、さらにインド・沖縄・メキシコの3つのセッションが楽しめるようになっているモデルです。 

"GALA Session" is a model with a mode that can overlap sounds shaken according to accompaniment. It is a model that allows you to enjoy three sessions of India, Okinawa and Mexico, while keeping the function of "GALA Standard".
For example, in Indian sessions, Indian drums tabla loops as BGM and you can play sitar accordingly.


Recorded ethnic musical instruments (country and region): Baraphone (West Africa), Steel Pan (Trinidad and Tobago), Balalaika (Russia), Bagpipe (Scotland), Maracas (Latin) *, Sanshin (Okinawa) *, Harpsichord / Hirupcikode (Europe), Carnoon (Arab), Gamelan (Indonesia), Conga (Cuba), Sital (India) *, Bilinbau (Brazil)
* You can also enjoy session mode for ethnic instruments with "*" (If you switch the sound, you will be in session mode after regular ethnic instruments)


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